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From translation and transcription to summarization, categorization and copywriting, our multi-service platform can help with your content needs – all in one place.


With 21,000+ certified translators, we offer fast, affordable and scalable professional translation in over 70+ language pairs. We can handle huge amounts of content across all industries through our integrated API, or on-demand translation through our order form.


We offer fast, accurate and confidential transcription for audio, video, plain text and subtitles across 36 languages, as well as add-ons including faster turnaround time, multilingual audio, timestamps and additional file types.


Whether a simple typo or a more complex grammatical error, our qualified proofreaders check and double check your text to ensure it’s perfect. We fix errors based on language structure, punctuation, grammar, consistency, format, structure and style.

Featured services

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Content summarization

Our crowd carefully transforms complicated text—supplied by the customer as URL or document—into short, digestible summaries, saving you time and preventing information overload when sharing with others.

Content categorization

We provide classification of your content in the appropriate categories including tagging with relevant keywords. Whether your needs are categorization for images, product descriptions or websites, we ensure your content is categorized quickly and accurately.

Interpreter Services

It is very difficult to entrust your spoken message to somebody else, it calls for a major leap of faith. But at ILI we make sure that your trust in us is well placed and yields immensely satisfying results. We will never let you down.


Our expert copywriters will work their magic on almost any type of content including blog posts, website content, press releases, emails, social media content, white papers and taglines, to help you convert traffic into leads and finally, customers.

Additional services

Additionally Stars Group employs experienced language interpreters, who can help you out in various other crucial activities such as meetings, conferences, business dealings, seminars, and many more. Thus, ILI interpreters can assist you in many ways, making all kinds of communication smooth, comfortable, and easy.
  • Content generation

    Other content creation for more specific needs, including the creation of variations of a particular sentence; potential questions, answers and conversation templates for chatbots; as well as blacklisting inappropriate words or phrases that are unsuitable for your audience.

  • Quality assessment

    Our native workers will assess your text or audio files to determine whether they reach your agreed criteria and quality standards, including checking of machine-generated audio speech to decide whether it sounds natural, or selection of the most relevant comments in a text.

  • Machine translation quality evaluation

    We can score the quality of previously machine-translated segments or fix any errors to produce natural, error-free translations. Additional checks include the adherence of instructions or glossaries, the correct usage of voice and style, as well as the selection of the best version of a translation.

  • Sentiment analysis

    We can determine whether content is positive, negative or neutral by extracting particular words or phrases. Commonly used to discover how people feel about a particular topic, it can be implemented in social media, customer support, user feedback, user reviews and chatbots.


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