Language Translating

we have experience in all Lnguage translation but here we are indicatiing some of our majorly used translation services.

French Translation

Out of a large pool of language translators, opt for that French language translation service provider, who can carry out translation in French

Spanish Translation

However, while delegating the work of language translation to a Spanish translation company, you have to be cautious about the following factors.

German Translation

One of the best ways to overcome this difficulty is by making use of German translation service or German language translation offered by SGT.

Italian Translation

The Italian translation services provider whom you are approaching should have experienced translators and interpreters

Portuguese Translation

To elaborate, suppose, if you want your business documents in English to be converted in Brazilian Portuguese language, then you should approach SGT.

Dutch Translation

More importantly, due to shirking away from performing Dutch translations, there are chances that there may be misinterpretation or confusion in understanding.

Danish Translation

Language translation has its own benefits – be it for business purpose or personal purpose or for a noble cause. To elaborate, assume if you have written a novel in English.

Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation However while one delegates the work of Arabic translation to Arabic translation services providers, he should always give the work to a company which carries.

Russian Translation

More importantly, accurate Russian translation is essential because there may be a long list of procedures; terms and conditions; stages of operation.

Polish Translation

There are many language translation company which offers polish language translation. However before choosing a Polish translation services provider, one

Hebrew Translation

It is very important to accurately communicate and correctly translate the message while doing English to Hebrew translation or vice-versa. International Lingua

Persian (Farsi) Translation

International Lingua Institute is one of the leading organizations in Persian translation services which helps to bridge the gulf between you and your dream job

On-time delivery

At SGT we give utmost importance to the translation quality irrespective of the size / volume of data in a translation project. On time delivery is our anthem for success.

Professional Language Translators

Each project, no matter how big or small, is assigned a Project Manager to give the best service / quick turnaround time to the Client. This ensures that the Client has a single point of contact and does not have to explain his / her requirements to multiple people. The Client just needs to interact with the Project Manager, put across special requirements / feedback (if any) and rest all is taken care by our experienced Project Managers.

Extraction phase primarily involes extraction of the translate-able text in Source Language from the Input provided by the Client. This may include digitization of hand-written / non-copiable content, extraction of text from various graphical formats like InDesign etc. Multiple Softwares tools may be employed in this phase depending on the format of the Client Input in Source Language.

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DTP/Graphics Design

We are connected with thousand of translators therfore we are open to people who are looking for different languages writing and speaking training.

English Speaking

There are many people who know reading and writing of English but find it difficult to speak while interacting with others. As we know, without practice speaking its difficult to master spoken English. With the use of new technology, empower student and professionals with excellent 'English Speaking' skills.

Our Instructors

All courses comes with online LIVE 'Instructor Support' (optional) along with 'Headphone/Mic Support' for unlimited speaking practice and to monitor learner's spoken words accuracy. We help learners use grammatically correct sentences and speak English confidently with correct pronunciation of words.